Deer Antler Spray Supplements

The Buzz about Deer Antler Spray Supplements

There are a lot of products out there that claim to “boost a person’s testosterone levels” or “increase your endurance and stamina”. One of those products that claim to be a wonder cure in the area of sports is deer antler spray. Not of people have heard of deer antler spray, but because of its appearance recently, thanks to Baltimore Ravens player Ray Lewis and his incident with a banned deer antler spray because of a torn muscle, people are curious about what the spray actually is.

Can Deer Antler Spray Boost Muscles Naturally

Deer antler spray is one of the many formulas created by the sports world that is derived from deer antlers. It has been used for centuries in the art of Eastern medicine as a form of healing for the human body. This spray is a derivative from the male deer during the deer mating season. No deer, what so ever, is harmed in the cultivation of the antler spray. The way that the deer antler spray is created is by grinding the antlers down to dust in order to extract the nutrients from the antlers.

Is Deer Antler Spray Safe?

Usually the antler spray is mixed with other important supplements, such as B vitamins or minerals and added to a special concoction that most athletic based companies sell. There has been some controversy about where or not this natural spray can be used to enhance the abilities of athletes. It is not considered an illegal drug, but it is banned by some sports associations.

This spray is considered a food product and is approved by the FDA. According to industry experts, deer antler spray is also great for regaining muscle flexibility and strength.The spray is hardly detectable on any drug tests and the spray is used through oral ingestion.

Create Lean Muscle Mass With Deer AntlerX

AntlerX Deer Antler Spray is a staple in most professional athletes’ training regimen, by both men and women, as a supplement to increase lean muscle tissue growth, the ability to increase mental focus and heal torn muscle, ligaments and fractures. According to others in the industry, “…the biochemical extract from deer velvet produces an insulin-like growth hormone that is uniquely powerful…”

Reportedly, the deer antler spray is able to heal a person’s body by rejuvenating a person’s cell reproduction and increasing the number of red blood cells present in the body which cause infirmities so that the body can heal itself almost three times a faster than it can without any other help on its own.