Insulin Like Growth Factor IGF1

IGF-1-The Insulin Like Growth Factor Overview

IGF-1 overview

The Insulin Like Growth Factor or IGF-1 as it is more commonly known, is a complex protein found in humans which has a striking structural similarity with insulin. While in a child it is majorly responsible for the growth, it helps in enhancing the anabolic effects in the grownups.

Deer Antler velvet IGF-1

While it is a highly scientific term, it came to the fore when some products were launched with the combination of IGF-1 or the Insulin growth factor 1 with the Deer Antler Extract.

At present, the market is filled with innumerable products consisting of IGF-1 and Deer Antler Extract claiming to have an exceptional effect on all physical problems of the human body. While some of them can be marketing gimmicks, most of them are true on their words.

IGF-1 Benefits

An ideal combination of the Insulin like growth factor 1 and the Deer Anklet Velvet is found to giving numerous benefits such as a faster recovery from injuries which is significantly beneficial for the professionals from the sporting fields and giving a younger look which is of huge demand in the cosmetics industry.

The other proven benefits of the Insulin Like Growth Factor 1 include building up a powerful immunity system, enhancing sexual performance significantly and also giving a high boost to the overall energy levels of the body. Some other applications of Insulin like growth factor is its presence in the deer antler velvet spray which is primarily used by the athletes to get rid of their injuries faster and in a more effective manner.

Where to Buy AntlerX

Of late, multiple options have emerged in the market for buying products which contain Insulin like growth factor 1 and Deer antler velvet. There are many authorized medical centers from where these products can be obtained with ease. Also, the option of purchasing these products online from drugs stores is feasible.